Honors and Awards

Laureate and Distinguished Service Awards

Consistent with the honor society’s purpose of career-long and lifelong service to members, all general members who maintain active status are eligible for two higher membership levels, Laureate Membership and Distinguished Service Membership. Epsilon Pi Tau members may recommend individuals with a record of professional accomplishments for these honors.

William E. Warner Awards Program

To honor Epsilon Pi Tau’s founder, the William Everett Warner Awards Program has been established to recognize members for their achievements in their professional work.  Undergraduate and graduate students can be recognized for their projects, writing, and research, and there are provisions to recognize chapters for their operations, programs, and services.  For each category, two awards are made in each region.  The total that may be awarded each year in all categories and regions is $15,000.

The Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Awards Program

This award was established to recognize the best single article to appear in The Journal of Technology Studies each calendar year and has a value of $300.00

Chapter Awards

Awards that do not duplicate or take the place of the adopted citations of the honor society may be made by chapters for appropriate meritorious professional service. These programs are consistent with Epsilon Pi Tau’s lifelong, career-long membership.  They exemplify Epsilon Pi Tau’s commitment to maintain supportive contact with members throughout their careers and to recognize members’ professional successes.

Certificate of Commendation

This award is for non-members who have made significant contributions to this honor society’s fields of interest. Chapters make the nomination,and when approved by the Regional Director a certificate is forwarded by the International Office for the chapter to present.

International Honors Citation

This is the highest award presented to a non-member for exemplary service and achievement over an extended period of time, consistent with the honor society’s precepts.  Chapters make the nomination, and when approved by the Board of Directors a certificate is forwarded by the International Office for the chapter to present.