The William E. Warner Awards Program

The awards program is in honor of William Everett Warner, the founder of Epsilon Pi Tau. An international leader, he gave a lifetime of service and inspiration to young men and women while expressing the ideals of the Honor Society through the medium of education in technology. The awards program is a planned annual competition open to all members of Epsilon Pi Tau. Various program categories are designed to reach all Epsilon Pi Tau members with awards totaling approximately $15,000 each year. 

Exemplary student research and/or other forms of written products are recognized by the Undergraduate Student Essay Award, and the Graduate or Undergraduate Student Research Award

Practitioners in the private sector or in education or government are recognized under the Professional Practice Award

Additional awards include the Regional Chapter Award and one Minilectureship Award


Past William E Warner Award Winners


1.  Members will complete the form and submit through the EPT web site.  

2.  Essays, minilectures, and abstracts can be submitted via the electronic application form on the web site or through email.

3.  Portfolios, where required, should contain adequate descriptions of content, indexed and tabbed. Exhibits should be mounted, where feasible, or otherwise prepared for examination and evaluation. Originals should be used when possible, but accurate reproductions or facsimiles will be accepted.

4.  Awards are limited to ACTIVE members of the honor society as validated by the International Office.



January 17th - All applications from members and chapters must be received in the International office.

February 15th - International Office notifies directors, chapters and applicants of award status.  

Beginning of March -  Announcement and distribution of awards at an international conference in which EPT participates (usually at ITEEA).