The Graduate or Undergraduate Student Research Award

  Purpose of Award

Recognition of excellence in undergraduate and graduate student research and writing.

For a research report, such as a thesis or dissertation, entry will consist of an abstract of not more than 500 words. A full copy of the research may be requested by the judging committee.

For research projects conducted by a class, group, or individual, an entry will consist of an abstract and portfolio of evidence providing a complete description of the project and its application.


Eligibility Criteria

Any member who is a current graduate student or undergraduate student in good standing (current dues paid).

Criteria for Nomination and Selection

  • Written Presentation: organization, language usage, and methodology 
  • Originality, conclusions and significance of the research to profession, institution, or chapter 
  • Overall execution


One $500.00 award per region

Submission Instructions

  1. Scan any supporting documents (the abstract, nomination letter, signed letters of support, supplementary evidence, etc.) into a single pdf file.
  2. Title the files as follows: Your Name-title of Award Nomination-Region. (e.g., Jane Smith-Undergraduate Student Award-Region 3.pdf.)
  3. Complete the online Award Application Form (below) and attach the pdf file in the area provided at the end of the form.


If you have questions, you may contact the International Office at