Who Are Our Members

Epsilon Pi Tau’s roster of 27,000 members includes:

  • Students in associate, baccalaureate and higher degree science and technology professional preparation and advancement programs.
  • Practicing engineers, technologists, technicians, supervisors, managers, private entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, social scientists, public and vocational school teachers and administrators, and college and university faculty, researchers, and administrators.
  • Science and technology professionals, executives in business, industry, education, and government agencies, and leaders of professional organizations in technology.
  • Citizens and leaders in all walks of life with interests in the societal consequences of scientific and technological events and advances and who are committed to improving public understanding of technology.
  • Members-at-large or members of the 135 chapters that have been chartered in colleges and universities since 1929.


Students as General Members

Students in colleges and universities form a large segment of Epsilon Pi Tau General Members. Epsilon Pi Tau recognition provides a unique identity. It recognizes students’ academic and leadership accomplishments and reinforces identity with their programs in technology. Members benefit from lifelong services and Epsilon Pi Tau’s continuing general work in support of the technology professions. 

Honor societies that serve the general student population exist on some campuses. In such cases, students elected to Epsilon Pi Tau membership will usually be invited to also join the more general honor society on campus. If possible, students should accept such honors because there is no conflict between the honors groups. Being honored by more than one group multiplies the reward and recognition of achievement.