Symbols and Colors

Meaning of EPT Symbols

The name, EPSILON PI TAU, is derived from the initial letters of the Greek names of the three precepts on which the society was founded. These are Technological Capability and Skill or TEXNIKH, Social and Professional Proficiency or PRAGMATEIA, and Research and its Applications and Products, or EXETASIS.

The emblem of Epsilon Pi Tau is an equilateral triangle. The sides of the triangle are bars inscribed with the Greek names of the three precepts, TEXNIKH, PRAGMATEIA, and EXETASIS. The bars are joined at the apices of the triangle by pins. At the head of each of the three pins will be one of the three Greek letter initials of each precept name.


The EPT Colors:

  • Blue signifies TEXNIKH or technological capability and skill.
  • White is for PRAGMATEIA or social and professional proficiency.
  • Gold stands for EXETASIS or research, and its applications and products.


The purposes of EPSILON PI TAU are to (a) promote and recognize the achievement of academic excellence, (b) promote the values and contributions of professionals in technology, (c) provide a medium for the professional development and recognition of individual members for leadership and achievement, (d) enhance the status of the practitioners and the professions in technology, (e) foster and encourage the acceptance, among its members and throughout society, of the ideals of technological capability and skill, social and professional proficiency, and research and its applications and products; and (f) advance understanding, appreciation and awareness of technology as both an enduring and influential human endeavor and an integral element of culture.