Mission and Vision

As an academic and professional honor society Epsilon Pi Tau:

  • Encourages academic excellence of students in fields devoted to the general study of technology and the preparation of practitioners for the technology professions.  It recognizes and provides services to students in degree and certificate programs in accredited higher education institutions offering from associate through doctoral degree programs.
  • Recognizes and advances the work of faculty and administrative leaders in higher education academic fields and programs for the general study of technology and programs devoted to career preparation for specific fields in the technology professions. 
  • Recognizes and advances the professional work of practitioners in the technology professions.
  • Fosters, encourages, and recognizes individuals throughout society to develop and act upon interests in the phenomenon of technology in society and/or support of the technology professions and its organizations.
  • Provides services that contribute to the career advancement of its members and a program that recognizes such advancement through members’ entire careers and beyond.

Epsilon Pi Tau:

  • Promotes and recognizes the achievement of academic excellence.    
  • Promotes the values and contributions of professionals in technology.
  • Provides a medium for the professional development and recognition of individual members for leadership and achievement.
  • Enhances the status of practitioners and the professions in technology.
  • Fosters and encourages the acceptance among its members of the ideals of technological capability and skill, social and professional proficiency, and research and its applications and products.
  • Advances understanding, appreciation and awareness of technology as both an enduring and influential human endeavor and an integral element of culture.