How to Start a New Chapter

Thank you for your interest in Epsilon Pi Tau, the leading international honor society for technology.  In order to start a chapter, it is essential that contact with the Executive Director be made approximately one year prior to activation of the new chapter. Please contact us and provide your email, mailing address, and the name of the college or university (if applicable).  A start up handbook, Qualifying for a Chapter, will then be forwarded to you detailing the petition process.  Excerpts from this handbook are provided below:

Eligibility Standards

Standards apply to programs and institutions, to students and practitioners, and to others with strong interests in technology. 

Academic quality is sought in evidence from institutions and programs when they apply to establish a chapter. Essentially, the Board of Directors is interested in the accreditation status and a profile of the faculty and administrative leaders associated with the relevant academic programs.

Epsilon Pi Tau has developed criteria that leaders of approved chapters are expected to apply in the consideration of eligibility of students to be initiated. There are standards for the different levels and programs served at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate levels. Standards also consider transfer students. 

There are also guidelines for the consideration of those already practicing in technology fields and for other individuals who have strong interests in the work and purposes of Epsilon Pi Tau.


Petition applications to establish a chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau will be considered from institutions that are accredited by a regional or professional accrediting agency with degree programs that are recognized by the higher education controlling or coordinating board of the state in which the programs are offered.  

Programs in such institutions should provide evidence of enrollment and grading practices to demonstrate that the program will produce a sufficient number of students with grade point averages to be candidates for membership and to sustain a chapter. 

As a condition of eligibility, the institution and/or program should provide a brief profile of the institution’s administrative staff, full- and part-time faculty, and technical staff who supports the instruction and where appropriate, the institution’s research and service efforts.