History of the Society

Epsilon Pi Tau was established in 1929. It is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) educational organization incorporated in the state of Ohio. As the premier academic and professional honors group for higher education technology and workforce programs and professionals in practice, Epsilon Pi Tau has provided honor and distinction to members, institutions, programs, and individuals throughout the world for more than 90 years. 

Epsilon Pi Tau was founded under the leadership of William E. Warner, a renowned professor at The Ohio State University.  Its headquarters were in Columbus, Ohio, for 45 years.  Many of the Warner-conceived traditions of excellence, professional responsibilities, and service to members remain at the heart of Epsilon Pi Tau’s mission and vision. 

Delmar Olson, a professor at Kent State University who moved to North Carolina State University shortly after his appointment, succeeded Warner in 1971. Epsilon Pi Tau’s headquarters was moved to Kent, Ohio, and then to Raleigh, North Carolina. When Olson retired from teaching, he moved the headquarters again to Casper, Wyoming, where it remained until 1976.

That year, upon Jerry Streichler’s succession, the offices were returned to Ohio, where he was dean of the College of Technology at Bowling Green State University. In 1976, the Board of Directors changed Streichler’s title to Executive Director. Streichler also developed and served as editor for the periodicals that served the membership: The Journal of Technology Studies, originally The Journal of Epsilon Pi Tau, and the news magazine, The Preceptor, which succeeds a newsletter titled, Quote-Unquote.

In March 2006, Dr. Jerry Streichler retired and Dr. Jerry C. Olson took over as Interim Executive Director until 2009, at which time Barry Piersol took over as Executive Director for two years. In 2012, Dr. Kevin R. Howell, a professor at Appalachian State University, was appointed as the new Executive Director.