Cost to New Chapters and Members


Start-up costs are primarily connected with the Installation Initiation.  A Ritual Team from a nearby chapter usually conducts the initiation ceremony. Ritual materials and other items for chapter and member use are provided at cost of the product plus processing and shipping costs. Materials can be borrowed from a neighboring chapter for the first initiation.

Initiation triangle - $125
Table covers (set of 4) - $570


New Members (Initiates)

This is based on current values and traditions.  Recently, chapters have offered variations that result in lower initial costs to new members. For example, a number of chapters substitute a snack reception for the formal dinner and delay collecting chapter fees or dues (international dues and initiation fees may not be deferred). A few chapters have deferred purchase of the lapel pin; but most chapters require its purchase. 

Current international dues - $25.00
International initiation fee (one time charge) - $25.00
Lapel pin - $6.50
Initiation meal function (approximate; most chapters require attendance) - $25.00
Chapter dues (selected by chapter) - $2.00 and up

***chapter initiation and dues fees are at chapter discretion; amounts shown are recommended minimums

Thus the cost of an initiation to the individual may range from $50.00 to $90.00, depending on what the chapter requires.

For the dues and one-time initiation fee to Epsilon Pi Tau, the initiate receives a frame-able membership certificate, a frame-able “Certificate of Obligation,” two on-line issues of the refereed Journal of Technology Studies (printed as one volume at the end of the calendar year), and two issues of The Epsilon Pi Tau Preceptor, the honor society’s official news magazine. Members also may access various members-only sections of the Epsilon Pi Tau website and accrue local chapter benefits.  

NOTE:  Continuing membership costs are currently $25.00 a year plus your local chapter dues amount.